I am a New York City Headshot Photographer focusing on Acting Headshots.  My services are personalized and I always strive to guide everyone before, during and after the photoshoot. I constantly find myself gathering new and useful Headshot trends from Casting Directors and Talent Agents, passing that knowledge to Actors I work with.   


About Ellis Vizcarra

what casting directors have to say?

"Look like you, have good energy in the eyes.”


-Marty Siu

“Actors should always send out pictures that look like them, are real.  Try not to do photos that are very arty and over lit.  I tend to get exasperated with those.  Sometimes, I won’t even bother with them, because my suspicion is that that person’s picture is not accurate”


-Julie Taylor

“I like a picture that looks like a person who has a degree of openness.  Even the ugliest character in a play, someone who’s a crone, has to have an appeal about them.”


-Jay Bindert

“I look for life and personality.  So many pictures have expressionless faces, and I really like personality.”


-Stephanie Klapper

"Headshots are not glamour shots. They should look like you; the way you are and will be when you actually walk in the room. They should make you look like an interesting person and not a hot model. Save the vanity shots for Facebook!"


-Benton Whitley

"Plain and simple, headshots need to look like you. It's frustrating when we've put out an appointment to an actor (based upon their headshot and résumé) for a specific role, only to find that on the audition day, someone "else" walks into the room. Make sure that what you're selling is, indeed, what walks into the room on audition day."


-Duncan Stewart


Get good sleep a few days before the shoot - it shows.

Don't drink alcohol before the shoot. It over relaxes the facial muscles and your face becomes droopy.

Remember you will get casted based on your photo and casting directors will expect the person from the photo to show up, if they feel deceived your audition and reputation will be at stake.



Tips for your photoshoot

Plan your day.  Rushing & stressing over

time isn’t a good way to start

the session.  remember that you want

to be relaxed in order to convey confidence.


Dry lips can quickly ruin a photo. Hydrate

your skin and don't forget to bring your

chap-stick or lip gloss.

Do your grooming carefully and give time for the skin to recover.

Don't overdo make up. The main goal of makeup is just to eliminate shiny skin and slightly accentuate features. I cannot remove excessive makeup with the computer as it will look unnatural.

Don't drink too much coffee or energy drinks, your eyes can become like deer's eyes staring at incoming car.

Ellis Vizcarra

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West Astoria.  Near Socrates Sculpture Park and Noguchi Museum.

Don’t try to cover blemishes, natural birthmarks or scars with makeup.  The main goal of the shoot is to show who you are, not to hide it or fake it. (I will remove blemishes when retouching).


100-150 headshots
1 look/outfit
1 finalized retouched headshot

150-200 headshots
2 looks
2 retouched headshots

200-300 headshots
3 looks
3 retouched headshots